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Though various M&A, NEYRPIC® satellite tracking systems have gone from NEYRPIC to Alstom to General Electric and finally to NPC SYSTEM.

Backed by 40+ years of satellite tracking experience, NPC SYSTEM proudly continues to develop and supply NEYRPIC® satellite tracking systems for civil and military applications. With an installed base exceeding 900 systems in more than 70 countries, NPC SYSTEM perpetuates NEYRPIC’s know-how to design systems for all types and sizes of fixed and transportable antennas.

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The innovative modularity of the latest generation NPC SYSTEM microprocessor-based Antenna Control Unit provides the flexibility
to track geostationary and low orbit satellites with all types and sizes of fixed and transportable antennas.

On-site mission : EUTELSAT Rambouillet

New mission for our team, a complete overhaul on this 3.70 m Andrew : motors, limit switches, optical encoders, PDU, controlled by our ACU550

April 2021

On-site mission : EUTELSAT Rambouillet

It was not the North Pole but almost. Our team braved the sub zero temperatures at Rambouillet to finish up the upgrade of this 9m Vertex with the replacement of the motor and gear box on EL axis.

February 2021

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