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NPC SYSTEM : a new company with an old pedigree

In the 1920s, the company known as Neyret-Beylier-Piccard-Pictet (NBPP) excelled in innovation with its research lab being the first to use a scale model technique for hydraulic systems. The NBPP-NEYRPIC venture was created in the 30s to develop hydraulic testing apparatus. In 1955, SOGREAH emerged from this venture to concentrate on engineering consulting.

In the 1960s, NEYRPIC was approached by the « Compagnie Générale d’Electricité »to branch out into a new market segment: satellite antennas. Engineers and experts in mechanical design and resistance of materials quickly applied their expertise to deliver robust big-diameter antennas. The company also began designing tracking systems to control their antennas, the first satellite tracking systems, called AGAPS(Asservissement de Grande Antenne pour la Poursuite de Satellite), were developed and installed in 1969.

In the same decade, NEYRPIC was approached by “Electricite de France” (EDF) to develop its first diesel generator control system (RTA, RTP 68, TRAPID C TRAPID AN) for French overseas departments and territories (Guadeloupe, Guyana, Reunion, Martinique, and Corsica) power plants.

In the mid 1980s NEYRPIC further branched into naval projects, designing the controller to regulate steam for the pressurized water reactor aboard the French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (PAN CDG) and the new generation of French ballistic missile submarines (SNLE-NG).Similar technics and products from diesel control systems were applied on NEYRPIC naval systems.

NEYRPIC merged with its main shareholder ALSTOM in 1967, who continued NEYRPIC success by improving, manufacturing and distributing its products within all 3 niche markets: Satellite Tracking, Thermal Power Plants and Naval Ships control systems.

In November 2015 GENERAL ELECTRIC completed the acquisition of ALSTOM power and grid businesses, including the STM business unit located on its Grenoble hydro site. In July 2017, GE announced a restructuring plan of its hydro organization impacting STM business unit.

Guy FERRARO and three other engineers, all GE employees at the time, with over 30 years of expertise in Satellite Tracking Systems, Thermal and Naval control systems seized the opportunity to make an offer to buy out the STM business unit. On July 2018, GE accepted the Management Buy Out offer and NPC SYSTEM was born. The transfer was completed on January 24st, 2019.

NPC SYSTEM, comprising the expertise of local historical NEYRPIC suppliers is dedicated to perpetuating the NEYRPIC success story for decades to come and looks forward to new challenges in the satellite industry.