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Products & Services

Products & Services

NEYRPIC® satellite tracking systems are developed to equip all fixed, transportable or mobile antennas. NEYRPIC® 5100 system can drive any kind of motor installed on antennas from small (below 1m) to large diameter (32 m).

NPC SYSTEM also provides individually tailored client service packages from audits, technical surveys, complete or partial replacement, renovation, custom solutions and training in our facility or on site.


The NEYRPIC® 5100 system is a geostationary and low orbit tracking system. It controls any type of fixed antenna, mono- or multi-band frequency equipped with AC or DC single or dual motorization. It can be used with new or refurbished antennas.

The antenna control unit NEYRPIC® ACU 550 is the heart of the NEYRPIC® 5100.


  • Multiple Tracking options: step track, monopulse, orbital, self learning orbit prediction
  • All antennas types: wheel and track, king post, limited motion, transportable
  • Interface with any kind of position sensors: resolvers, optical encoders, potentiometer, inclinometer.
  • Control several motor types: dual or single motor per axis, AC, DC, brushless

The innovative modularity of the latest generation NPC SYSTEM microprocessor-based Antenna Control Unit provides the flexibility to track geostationary and low orbit satellites with all types and sizes of fixed and transportable antennas.



  • GEO and LEO satellite tracking.
  • Designed to fit fixed and transportable antennas.
  • Multiple Tracking Options: beacon, orbital parameters, calculated trajectories, DVB .
  • Multi-axes position sensor control: encoder up to 34 bits, potentiometers, inclinometers.
  • Intelligent Progressive Orbit Prediction (IPOP).
  • 800 x 480 24 bits color 5” screen display with dedicated browser and axis key pad.
  • Advanced Web server applications (software updates, parameters read/write, I/O status monitoring).
  • Integrated diagnostic tools.
  • SD card reader and USB port.
  • 256 user defined configurations.
  • Multiple IO control: RF, LNA, Auto-phasing, Customer DIO

The NEYRPIC® ACU 350/550 ADAPTOR is a 3U high rack incorporating the latest generation of NPC SYSTEM’s controller; THE NEYRPIC ACU 550. It has been developed to allow customers to proceed with a smooth replacement of their NEYRPIC® ACU 350 as the back panel of the rack is identical to the NEYRPIC® ACU 350, minimizing the cable change over task. A particular focus has been put on the compatibility of the monitoring and control system. For upgrades, no modification of the supervision software is needed to accommodate for the NEYRPIC® ACU 550.


  • Same size as the ACU 350
  • Ease of installation due to its back panel connector
  • Ease of ACU 550 replacement inside the rack
  • No supervision modification
  • Ease of controller configuration migration from ACU 350 to ACU 550

The NEYRPIC® ACS450T is a compact satellite tracking system designed for antennas from L- to Ku-band and to track geostationary satellites in a stable or inclined orbit.

Specifically engineered to be used in harsh and rough environment, it has been tailored for transportable systems.


  • Several tracking options available
  • Intelligent Progressive Orbit Prediction (IPOP) up to 7 days without beacon signal
  • Beacon receiver control
  • Multi-band antennas
  • Several peripheral connections: GPS, magnetic compass, inclinometer etc…
  • LNA monitoring
  • RF inhibition option
  • RF switches control
  • Automatic movement error detection
  • Intelligent antenna movement management
  • Customer DIO connection and control


NPC SYSTEM offers technical assistance and support services for NEYRPIC® Satellite tracking systems installed according to the table below (contact us to know the annual subscription fee for your site) :

ServiceLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Response time5 days3 days24 hrs
Support time (hrs)82460
Automatic software releasexxx
Email supportxxx
Phone supportxx
On-site support2 x 1 day